Knitting Pattern: Yarns of Anarchy Shawl

Knitting Pattern: Yarns of Anarchy Shawl


This shawl provides you with plenty to keep you focused and will provide ‘moving on beginners’ with skills to practice and more advanced knitters an interesting but soothing knit.

It is big enough to provide comfort around your shoulders or be wrapped around the neck to keep you cosy.

Knitted asymmetrically starting with just 5 stitches and lots of easy garter stitch. Knitted in Malabrigio sock yarn but would look equally fabulous in 4 ply/sock alternatives.


You will need:

2 Skeins Malabrigio sock yarn (402m) 100g each        

3.75mm circular needles (80cm)

Wool needle to darn in ends

This pattern is by Sarah Goodwin. You can find her on Instagram.

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