Sock Knitting Addict!

Socks. Socks. Socks. 

Socks are funny little creatures. They are super portable, extremely customizable and at the same time can be very simple. They are the one thing that everyone will wear so they make great gifts - even for men (who we know can be hard to knit for). 

I love them for how portable they are too. I always have a pair on the go now, as I know I can always turn to them when I just need a simple bit to do. I am also now on the hunt for the perfect fit. Everyone's foot is different and sock are very easy to alter by a few stitches to make them really fit your foot exactly. 

In November 2017 we ran a total beginners class series and I learned to knit my very first socks. I had never used double pointed needles (DPNs) and honestly they scared me. However, I soon got to grips with them and was off knitting. The class was done on 3 separate Sundays so we could really focus on each element. The first class was focused on how to use DPNs, how to knit in the round and got us started on the cuff and leg of our first sock. Confident enough, I even went home that week and started the second sock!


The second Sunday we spent entirely on how to make the heel of a sock. Every bit from reinforcing the back which is where your sock will get the most wear, and then turning and shaping the sock to make the rounded heel. 

The final class we completed our full-sized sock and did the toe! I felt so accomplished to have done a sock that actually fit me! I had taken a sock knitting class a year or so before but it was one class where we made a baby-sized sock. Sure, we learned all the elements, but it was so quick it was too much for me to take in. I did not feel confident enough to then move on to a full-sized sock pattern and never made any socks until this 3-part class. 


Since then I have knit 4 more pairs and learned to knit two at a time on a circular needle! Who knew!? I am so addicted I can't even tell you. 

The ladies who joined me last year have all continued on their sock journeys as well. 


Do you want to join the sock club?

I warn you, you'll go sock mad for a while, but they're so portable, and you can get 1 pair out of 1 ball of wool!

Sign up for our next sock series! These classes will take place in Tonbridge, location TBD. 

This is a series of 3 classes which are 3 hours each in which you will knit a full-sized sock and learn all the elements of knitting socks. You should attend all three classes, as they are consecutive lessons. Missing one will impede the rest of the class.

As long as you know how to knit and purl, you are ready for this class!


Set of four double pointed needles, 2.75mm
100g 4ply sock wool


Sunday October 7
Sunday October 21
Sunday October 28


Every class will be 10am-1pm


Sarah taught me to knit, so I couldn't recommend her more highly! She has written the patterns that are in our shop. 

Sarah has been knitting for more than 40 years, and teaching for the past 10. She has taught everything from sock classes to beginners and even teaches primary school age children in her local schools. 

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