Sarah's Shawl

How amazing is this simple, delicate shawl? It took me about 2 weeks to knit, but I always had it with me - in front of the TV and finally on the boat in the Norfolk Broads on bank holiday weekend!

This is a pattern that worked from the tip and increased as you go, just making the entire thing one large triangle. It's a simple 7 row repeat making it great for knitting infront of the TV, while traveling, or even at a knit group where you're talking (and probably drinking!) at the same time. 

I am quite a tight knitter and love then garter stitch is close together. I chose to use:

4mm circular needles

Malabrigo Rastita in Cereza

Malabrigo Rastita in  Archangel

This takes about 400m of any weight yarn, just make sure you adjust your needle size to the weight. Since the Malabrigo Rastita is considered a DK weight, you could go up to a 5mm if you like a looser knit.

I would HIGHly recommend circular needles becuase when it gets towards the middle, it will be too many stitches to fit on straights. You're increasing every two rows, so it will grow wider and wider. 

The pattern is very adaptable and can be used with any type of yarn, any weight, any amount! That is one of the things I LOVE about shawls is that you can make them as big or small, thin or chunky as you like. 

I used these two different colors becuase they were similar enough that I loved the fade they have created. As I got about 3/4 through my first color, I started to alternate rows with the second color. I did this until I ran out of the first color and just finished with the repeats until i ran out of yarn. I think I did more rows than the pattern called for, but I like a bit drapey. 

In the end, I did block mine. Only because I made the bind-off a bit tight and wanted to get rid of the tiny warp I had created. I definitely need to learn to loosen up!

This wool however did not require blocking, I did wear it straight away.