Current Project: Mosaic Blanket

The moment a friend tells me she’s pregnant, my fingers start to itch to make her a blanket. Even before I learned to knit, I sewed rag quilts that my best friend taught me to make for my friends who became moms. Baby blankets, they seem to be my thing. My friend Helen is having a little boy in March and I usually crochet a baby blanket, because crochet is faster, but this time, I was determined to knit a blanket. You can spend hours on Ravelry and get sucked down the rabbit’s hole looking at amazing projects and yarns, before you know it, it’s 2am.

I’ve chosen the Mosaic Blanket from Purl Soho. I can’t get over how beautiful and intricate this design looks and it’s only made from knit and slip stitch! I love the simplicity yet elegance of this modern pattern.

I can’t have any project without a handy Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag to take my project around with me. This bag is a god send. It holds tools, is big enough to carry a blanket (well, a baby sized one) and isn’t something my grandma would use. I take it on the train, in the car, to Starbucks and anywhere else I get the chance to knit. Don’t worry, they sell them in the U.K. too!

I chose Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to make this beauty. The 12% cashmere makes such an impact when combined with the Merino wool. This blanket is soft but so strong. I used 4 blues and 2 greys to make this gradient. Once I figured out how many rows each color would make, I charted out when to mix in the next color and alternated rows to mix in each color.


I have yet to make anything that is just one color. I love a gradient and variegated yarn is always my preference. I used knitpro interchangeable circular needles. Of course, this pattern does not require circular, but I only use circular needles. They work for every project and make sense to me as most projects will cast on most stitches than can fit on a straight needle. They’re also smaller to transport in my Field Bag.

I did block this although I probably didn’t have to, as the edges are pretty sturdy and flat on their own. All ends were woven in as I went along and this has helped the wrong side look a bit more uniform. If doing this, be careful only to weave in each color with its own color, or the pattern gets distorted.

I am so pleased with how easy and fun this was to make and how gorgeous it’s turned out.

Have you ever made a mosaic pattern?