Yarns of Anarchy is ready to start the rebellion. You will never look at wool the same again. Join the rebellion.


The Yarn behind Yarns of Anarchy


I’m Laura Olley, an American living in Tonbridge, Kent. Originally from Washington, DC, I have married a wonderful man from Weald, Sevenoaks and after living in Virginia for a few years, we’ve decided to live here near family. This year I decided to quit my day job marketing events and take on the world of fibre. I wasn’t finding joy in commuting and working to make someone else money. The desk job wasn’t cutting it for me so I decided to make a change. As an avid knitter and crochetter, I have struggled to find a LYS (Local Yarn Store) that isn’t more than 40-minute drive away – so I’m here to change that. Although we’re only online at the moment, the plan is to have a shop in Tonbridge where people can gather, learn and geek-out over some gorgeous fibre.


I think my favourite thing about knitting and crocheting is the yarn. Drinking in the colours and textures alights my senses and brings me so much joy. When you are making something, you’re spending hours and hours holding, moving and manipulating the yarn, so using a high-quality, natural fibre makes a huge difference. While it will behave differently, breathe better for garments, etc., it makes the act of knitting so much more enjoyable and creates a product to be proud of. Sure, you can head on over to HobbyCraft and spend £2 on some acrylic yarn, but why would you want to? Firstly, it actually squeaks on your needles! To me this is like nails on a chalk board. Ouch. Second, you won’t get the range of colours or anywhere near the selection in materials. Finally, it is usually made from petroleum which is not a renewable resource – real wool from sheep is! You can call me a yarn snob. That’s ok.


Feel for yourself

As we get started on this fibre-venture, we will give you glorious wool, dyed carefully and to a high standard by carefully chosen wool enthusiasts. The next step will be to find us out in your local markets in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and surrounding areas. Once you feel the gorgeous real wool, you’ll be hooked. After that, we’ll start hosting some classes in local cafés, village halls and other places to learn how to knit or crochet together. We will get a weekly knit night going so we can start to build our community and support and teach each other.


See our yarns in the wild